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Welcome to the

Omnis Self Direction Circle.

A group for self-directed learners to get support and facilitation to take control of their own education.

This group is for children of all ages who would benefit from support in self-directed learning and is ideal if your children won’t learn with/from you!

Self-directed learning offers students of all ages an opportunity to pursue a truly individualized education.

By focusing on strengths, natural interests, and intrinsic motivation, students develop the ability to direct their own education with confidence.

In the process, self-directed learners discover more about who they are as unique individuals and what drives them.

The benefits of self-direction truly last a lifetime and can be applied to every facet of a well-lived life! This group will help your children become lifelong, self-directed learners.

Membership Fees: $27/month (or free to existing Omnis Learners).

Membership includes:

  • Live weekly group sessions every Wednesday at 9.30am Pacific / 12.30pm Eastern / 5.30pm UK and 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern.
  • Ongoing access to self directed learning blocks on our online learning platform.
  • Access to a community of like-minded learners.
  • Access to a dedicated online classroom for ongoing sharing of resources between sessions.
Amy Phipps, Omnis Autism

Jenni Mahnaz

Meet your Circle Leader

Jenni Mahnaz has over a decade of experience in self-directed education and other alternative educational philosophies. Having helped many young people design their own educational experiences in various settings, Jenni eventually ventured into consultations for families looking for a unique and intrinsically motivated educational experience for their young people. She has worked closely with Manhattan Free School (now ALC NYC), Brooklyn Apple Academy, and ALC Mosaic in Charlotte, NC, as well as many families taking a home based approach to education. She also regularly contributes to Tipping Points, the online publication for The Alliance For Self Directed Education. 

In addition to a wealth of experience in the self-directed world, Jenni has also worked in various conventional schooling models and has a unique ability to explore and integrate practices and systems most people are already familiar with into a whole new way of pursuing education. 

Beyond her passion for self-directed education, Jenni is also a pro at NY state homeschool paperwork, translating the way kids actually learn into language the DOE understands, supporting the “deschooling” process for new self-directed families, and helping families explore and challenge long held assumptions about what education “should” look like.